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Your session will start off with the reviewing of your health history.  I will have you lie down on the massage table and will place a massage balm or cream on you feet.  Then I will proceed to to a quick evaluation of your feet to make sure there are no contraindications. I start the session with a "foot warm up"  to check mobility and warm up the tissues.  After the "warm up" I will use a combination of finger and thumb walking techniques along your feet/hands/ears along with other hand techniques that will stimulate and increase blood and lymph movement in your feet and body.  Then we will follow up your session with a warm moist towel to clean your feet of any residual lotions or balms.  

I work with all age levels, from babies to seniors as well as with pregnant women.  If there are any contraindications preventing me from working on you, you will be notified immediately and we can reschedule to a different time.

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